Our mission

National Christian Assemblies of Sri Lanka Needy Children Foundation

Project committee As noted in the project proposal the general objective of  the project is:

To improve the health and advication standards of slum children and dwellers in Nawaloka pura Seduwatha.

Our specific goals  have been directed to the people living in the Nawaloka pura gardens located at Seduwatha.

To provide sanitation facilities for them which they will maintain under the existing community development councils

To provide regular primary health care for them as well as preventive advication  for the children’s who are not going to the school.

To assist in primary teaching programs and one meal for the  children


you for your great help, our
and sisters in the


because you are helping to our needy children with one meals in every Saturday after the classes .

This is some children and houses of children who are getting help.

We are helping read and write to the poor children who never have been to the school. After the lesson we are giving lunch.

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