Dear mother, father, brother and sister in the Bringenboreg church. Thank you very much for your Christmas collection for us. More than 60 needy children received shoes for school 2016.


Dear Brethren,

Seasons Greetings  for you and your Congregation,

I give my sincere gratitude  for your generous contribution to  our “NEEDY CHILDREN FOUNDATION” 

Specially for this Christmas season to  share the love of Jesus. With your financial help we were able to give gifts for the children.

And also I would like to mentioned that your valued contribution is  a great help for our ministry.

Your assistance in this regard is highly appreciated.

May God Bless you

Yours In Lord’s service

Rev Jebamoney Ratnam


People in the Bringenboreg church in Netherland trying to help the poor children who themselves can not buy shoes for school. They give their Christmas collection (2015) to the children in Lanka Needy Children Foundation.


Volunteer at Lanka Needy Children Foundation.

How nice that you take a look here, that means you are interested to volunteer to work for the foundation!

We are always very happy with all activities volunteers perform. Lanka Needy Children Foundation takes action to (be) to support children, women and other needy people in Sri Lanka.

Help and support for such projects is available from small to large in Sri Lanka, the possibilities are very diverse. Whether you want to organize a fundraising event, want to assist in activities or events for the foundation in Sri Lanka to support activities in one of the orphanages, local self wants to set up a project, everything is possible!

Take a further look for opportunities and if you wish to contact us to coordinate what works best for you will fit out. We like to think along with you to find a suitable project for you.

Thank you.


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