Glory to God☺

Thank you for your prayers and support because today we have bought our own building for the needy children projects 21.03.2017


Thank you for your support to the needy children Christmas gifts.


Allereerst willen wij te danken aan God en dan  broeders en zusters in de Bringenborg kerk en meneer Luc Nederlof (Waneko), omdat u  mooi kerstcadeaus voor deze kinderen hebben gegeven.

First we want to thank to God and then brothers and sisters in the Bringenborg church and Mr Luc Nederlof (Waneko) because you have given beautiful Christmas gifts to this children.


Needy Children Christmas program 2016

Date   :27.12.2016

Time  :15.00

Place : Holy Trinity church

             784, Prince of Wales Avenue,   

             Colombo 14, Sri Lanka.

last year we have given to 66 children school items (shoes, books etc). Special thanks for the brothers and sisters in the Bringenberg church because they gave their Christmas collection to that presents. This year, 150 children (approximately) help requested. We would like to Mentioned that you valued contribution is a great help for our ministry.

We have started again our needy children projects on 24.08.2016. Thank you for your support.

Dear brothers and sisters in the Bringenberg church, thank you for your support to the needy children in Sri Lanka.

God bless you


Dear friends,

We would like to open a computer school for our needy children. We want to buy these computers and it costs € 350. If you can help with this situation, please contact us. We want some volunteers for our projects and if you like it please contact us.

God bless you.

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